Shanna Lee on The Truth is Ultimate Harmony

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Shanna Lee is an intuitive coach, writer, speaker and the founder of The Soul Frequency, a platform created to teach people how to go from a successful life to living authentically and being fulfilled. Shanna has her own podcast and is the number one best selling author of “The Soul Frequency: Your Health, Awakened and Authentic Life”

About Shanna Lee

After having built a successful financial and respected career, Shanna realized that reaching the top made her unhappy and unfulfilled. She discovered that her whole career journey was based on expectations, when it should have been based on intuition. That is how she decided to knock down this reality and construct a new fulfilling one based on a unique intuitive insight on life, love and truth. She now helps others work out their own intuition in order to create an authentic life. She has coached over three hundred people in the areas of personal performance, business development and creative endeavors, including executives of Fortune 500 companies, notable Broadway stars and small business owners. 

If you interested in reading Shanna Lee’s book, please go to: https://amz.run/3WcZ

Today Shanna joins us to talk about The Truth is Ultimate Harmony. 

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Defining Soul Frequency

Shanna defines soul frequency as your own energetic fingerprint. As from her own experience understanding it and knowing about all its facets, Shanna now teaches you how to understand your own energy, as well as how to be embodied and aligned with it.

“Just like we have a unique fingerprint, we have a unique energy”

How do we Identify our Energetic Fingerprint? 

Shanna talks about acceptance as one of the major reasons why we develop things that are out of alignment with our own energy. Addictive behaviour and distraction are a couple of symptoms of disharmony in our life and when these take place, we are not experiencing life fully on an emotional level. Shanna mentions that being aligned to what we have come here for generates a flow of energy which fulfills our soul and generates tons of opportunities for you.

When energy creates opportunities for you, that is how you know you are in harmony”

Difference between Alignment and Balance 

Alignment and balance are two different things and Shanna wades into nature to make that difference clear. She refers to expansion and contraction. In regards to alignment, you are going to have a lot of universal forces and opportunities at your back which can make you feel “expansive” but can also make you feel overwhelmed. This is where balance takes action by choosing and deciding when to stop and rest “contract” from all those opportunities that are coming in. Contraction is necessary to find your balance, it avoids burn-out from living in constant expansion and allows a greater expansion than before.

“Like in nature, everything that expands, contracts”

Challenges and Lessons in Shannon’s Life

Shanna thinks life lessons are about strength and understanding humanity, and talks about the challenge of making new choices. After having gone through a massive experience herself, she strongly believes in our ability to make choices that can create new realities for ourselves. In her experience, reaching what she thought was the top of her successful career would make her more and more unfulfilled and unhappy. She was able to make space for a choice, either go on with an unfulfilling life or step aside, and create a new one. She created a new one, one with a spiritual awakening and based on intuition.  

“Making new choices is our human super power”

The Truth Will Heal You

There are universal and personal truths that can change in time. Shanna talks about truth as energetic alignment, as something that turns things into motion and can change people’s trajectories in life. With truth you start making choices as from a right stand point. She brings people’s truths only up to conscious awareness, then it takes an energetic life of its own, choosing its own track to evolve. Truth can come from different areas in life and shift energy in other spaces, but there is always some point from where we can start to get to the deeper truth. Shanna also talks about collective vibration. She believes that we are a collective vibration of what is inside of us, so if we create harmony within, vibration will be harmony in our life and in our environment.

“Truth is ultimate harmony”

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