The Healing Story Behind Envol with Tim and Julie

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In this episode, Julie Morin, Tim Van Driessche and Amrit have a touching conversation about Julie’s incredible recovery from spending 4 years in a wheelchair to walk again.

Listen as they talk about how Julie tragically ended up in a wheelchair, how tapping into her body’s self-healing power helped her heal, how important it is to have someone that believes in you in such challenging moments and the last piece missing to make a full recovery.

They converse about Envol, an app born from Julie’s healing journey; how they created it, what the word “Envol” means and their aspirations for the app.

Finally, both Tim and Julie share how they feel about the whole journey and the path they are on now to support others and live life with passion.

Julie Morin is an artist, meditation writer and health enthusiast. She and her life partner Tim are the co-founders of Envol.

Julie’s challenging story began at the age of 25 lying on a yoga mat. All of a sudden she was struck with pain in both legs and couldn’t move them, leaving her unable to walk and in a wheelchair for 4 years.

She was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and doctors would say it was all in her head. She did therapy but that didn’t help. She continued searching for a treatment and went to Belgium. This time they diagnosed her with chronic Lyme disease and started her on an antibiotic treatment making things worse.

After years of medical misdiagnosis, in 2018 Julie made the choice to stop chemical treatment and take control to let her body heal naturally. She changed her victim mentality to an empowered one, and that simple shift in her mindset was enough to start feeling better.

Through a lot of research, Julie and Tim discovered that Julie’s body would heal by sleeping well, doing meditation, eating healthy food and grounding. Soon after doing all of this, things slowly got better and her healing journey began.

Recently, following a follow-up Lyme consultation with a naturopath, she finally had the answer she had been looking for: she discovered that she never had Lyme disease but fluoroquinolone poisoning from ciprofloxacin she had taken in 2015. This was the piece missing for a complete recovery. She would fear no more about the paralisis coming back.

Tim and Julie were able to let go of that sick identity and become a couple again. They strongly believe now in the power of the body to heal itself naturally and that has changed their life completely. They are grateful, appreciate the beauty in simplicity and have created an app to help those who are facing similar situations. It’s a healing tool that empowers people to awaken their body’s self-healing powers. There is a lot you can do to improve your health that is accessible, free and simple. Let those actions become habits and your life will change.

Julie was resilient and this helped her face all the challenges. But above all, she says it is thanks to Tim’s unconditional love, support and faith in her the whole time. She believes that in tough moments it is crucial to have one that believes in you; it is the pillar for a healing journey.

It was tough for Tim too. He was seeing the one he loves suffer and was always trying to do his best to help her. He learned a lot along the healing journey and was inspired by Julie. He began to change his habits as well, left his 9 to 5 job and discovered new passions. He states he will never forget the moment he was no longer pushing a wheelchair and were both walking side by side.

Now they are living life to the fullest. They are on a journey not only to support others but enjoy each other as much as they can travelling across the world.

“We create our life with every choice that we make” – Julie

“If you believe you are going to heal this way, I am 100% behind you” – Tim

Tune In: 

  • Welcome Julie Morin & Tim Van Driessche to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • How Julie ended up in a wheelchair: (00:58)
  • The importance of someone that believes in you: (18:06)
  • Starting the journey to feel better: (20:26)
  • How Julie & Tim feel about the healing journey: (34:40)
  • Out of a wheelchair and on a journey to support others: (43:03)
  • Where the word “Envol” came from: (45:56)
  • Hope & aspiration for the app: (46:51)
  • How Julie is feeling these days & about the piece missing to make a full recovery: (48:21)
  • How Julie & Tim feel about their journey spiritually: (54:25)

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