Heal Thy Self with Tyler Tolman

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Our guest for this week is Tyler Tolman, a world-renowned speaker, facilitator, author, health revolutionist and founder of Heal Thy Self.

Tyler has been exploring the rules of healthy lifestyles ever since his early teenage years when he used to help his father organize a retreat on his 200-acre farm for the first time. These retreats were being held for people who are in desperate need of learning how to take care of their body. His father’s philosophy resonated with the visitors and Tyler was able to witness these profound changes first hand. From then on, he went to study and discover some of the basic principles of health and wellbeing. Diving deep into the wisdom of Greek philosophers, famous scientists, and ancient Egyptians, Tyler yearned to attain a diverse educational background in an attempt to develop a holistic idea of what it means to live a healthy life.

His realization is that living healthy is a simple idea, intuitive to most of us, yet modern culture has brought us up in a way that we’ve lost track of the truth. With years of experience in researching how to live a disease-free life, Tyler is determined to spread the ideas and the principles that have been taught for over thousands of years which will help you improve your physical, emotional and mental health.

Tyler organizes events, retreats, offers online programs and has authored several ebooks, all of which you can check out by visiting his website! He has also developed his own brand of self-care tools, products, and resources called “Heal Thy Self”. With it, he offers a range of products that facilitate detox and improve your nourishment.

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Tyler’s Story of Inspired Evolution

Tyler reminisces about his childhood. He remembers how he never felt like he fit into the traditional mindset of Western society. He grew up dealing with feelings of being suppressed and unloved. But around the time he was 13, he got an opportunity to go and stay with his father at his 200-acre farm in Salem, Missouri. His father organized retreats for people who were dealing with disease and offered his philosophy as well as communal support for those looking to improve their health. It was then and there when everything changed for Tyler. He witnessed the effects of leading a healthy lifestyle and was shocked yet very intrigued.

“I saw people from sick to totally… mindset of ‘I’m going to die’, to color back in their skin and feeling alive and ‘Holy shit! I believe I can heal myself.’ ” – Tyler Tolman

He went back to his old life in Washington after that but quickly realized that he was becoming more and more “sick” himself. He was smoking, eating junk food and slowly getting into drugs. He felt disassociated from the world but he now knew that there was a different life somewhere out there possible. Calling out to him and waiting for him. With suicidal thoughts roaming through his mind, Tyler realized he needed to make a choice.

“I either go dedicate my life to this way of living and my father and helping people or… I don’t want to be here, basically.” – Tyler Tolman

From then on he went deep into researching the basic principles of health and wellbeing, relying on scientific research and combining it with ancient philosophies and traditional wisdom. His path has led him to a place where he is today – a man looking to share information about attaining health through natural means and empowering his audience to heal themselves.

The Simplicity of Living a Healthy Life

“So many people are looking to… ‘Oh, I need the magic thing… I need the pill, I need the herb, I need the sacred food from the freaking deep well of the Himalayas to be healthy’. It’s like – NO!” – Tyler Tolman

Tyler keeps bringing us back to how simple living healthy actually is. However, he acknowledges that simplicity does not imply that the process will be easy. Our culture seems to have derailed and stunted our growth in the fields of physical, emotional, and mental health. We’re often scared into doing things that are clearly damaging our health while the excessive anxiety keeps pushing us towards self-destructive behavioral patterns. Tyler points out that his suggestions for a healthier life were cross-culturally present at all points of humanity’s history with the foundation being laid in walking and drinking clear water. We should be building on this notion by adding nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables, rounding it all up with a healthy mindset.

“Intuitively, we all know what’s good for us. Eat fruits and vegetables, go for a walk, drink water, don’t be a dickhead… the basic stuff… But because it’s simple we just overlook it.” – Tyler Tolman

The Intricacies of Detoxification and Fasting

“The truth is we’re all detoxing all the time.” – Tyler Tolman

At one point in the conversation, Tyler proceeds to get into and hold what can only be described as a mixture of a masterclass and a crash course in detoxification and fasting. You’ll just have to listen to this podcast because retelling this section here wouldn’t do it justice. I’ll just mention that we covered topics such as the systems involved in detoxification, common issues and problems caused by poor detoxification, the benefits of fasting, different types of fasting and how fasting contributes to overall health. Enjoy!

“If we are toxic internally, we will reflect and make a toxic world for ourselves.” – Tyler Tolman

Tyler’s Message of Inspired Evolution

Speaking with Tyler was an amazing treat. You can sense his expertise and studiousness has been woven into our conversation showing their glimpses whenever he reveals majestic insight into a vast array of health-related topics. This is a very important conversation to have in this day and age but the message is very concise and offers a solution in the shape of well-tested behaviors recognized throughout human history. But the main takeaway is probably the empowering aspect of Tyler’s message, spotted in his self-aware statement on the exact role he is looking to play on people’s path to a healthier life:

“That’s why the brand is ‘Heal Thy Self’. I can’t heal you… I’ve got information but if you choose to follow and do some basic principles YOU can heal yourself!” – Tyler Tolman