How to Unlock Your Creativity to Experience New Areas of Your Life with Adam Roa

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In this episode Adam and Amrit dive deep into creativity.

They converse about people as creations interfacing with other creations and during these interactions, how relationships take place, serve you, challenge you to grow and what that growth is all about.

Furthermore, they cave into how you can show up in a relationship in the best way possible, how to show up as a creative force of life, and how important it is for your well-being to keep creating.

Community is a game changer. They tuck into the importance of feeling safe to share your lowest wounds and let yourself be seen, heard and loved.


Adam Roa is an artist, musician, poet, filmmaker, speaker, coach and podcaster. He is the founder of The CREATE Community, an online personal development community for creative leaders.

Creativity is the path of your most fulfilling effective evolution. It is a process by which you put together new patterns assigning values to them. It expands your consciousness.

Doubt and fear appear everytime you want to create something. This is an opportunity to work through these feelings. Once done, you will have created something new. This process is hard but is rewarding. When you overcome resistance with your intention, you develop resilience.

When you work through trauma, you can choose two paths: either you chose to stay stuck in it or chose the payoff of self love. The more creatively you express yourself, the more self love there is that you can make use of. Your expression is unique and is the purest frequency of your soul.

We are part of creation and creative energy gave us birth. This life force energy is the purest force of life. It is channeled into creativity and sexuality. We are all here to create and procreate.

As we consciously create, others consciously create too. We all walk around this world searching for new experiences, new lessons and intending to grow. And the only way to do this is with love. Creativity is love. You can fall in love with people, places, food, etc. The deeper you feel that love is because there is more growth available in the other person, place or whatever. Love expands you every time it enters into a new space.

When you feel love, you soften. This creates more space within and when there is more space, more love can come in. Quite the opposite of feeling fear. Protection mode contracts you, preventing you from expanding.

In terms of relationships, Adam believes we unconsciously call in the experiences that are going to help us get closer to what we desire to experience in life. If you desire a certain level of conscious relationship, you have to shift certain behaviours and the only way to do so is being aware of these and changing them.

Community is key to help you on this journey to show up differently. Community provides safety. A community sees you for your potential and trusts that whatever you want to create for your life is possible. Community is a space that changes the entire physiology of your existence so you can make changes.

In this chapter you will learn how to open yourself up to your fullest potential.

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  • Welcome Adam Roa to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • Creativity according to Adam: (03:18)
  • Having light to look at fear on a creativity path: (07:36)
  • Stuck in fear not being able to follow a creative path: (12:29)
  • Creative expression to harness more self love: (15:07)
  • About creative force energy: (18:05)
  • Exploring relationships from a creative worldview perspective: (20:41)
  • Love & creativity to facilitate growth: (26:43)
  • Relationships we call in life: (31:19)
  • The importance of connecting to community: (36:57)
  • How to access creativity: (44:00)
  • About “Love Fest”: (49:01)
  • Inspired Evolution according to Adam: (52:30)

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