Veer Vohra on How To Overcome Stress With an App

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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Veer Vohra, a 17-year-old Y12 student in Dubai college and CEO and Founder at MiZen, a well-being solution application focussed on mindfulness, meditation, and gratitude with the aim of inculcating these three skills into students’ everyday lives.

In today’s world, we are dealing with a lot of stress, especially during the Covid-19 outbreak. Concerned about this and his fellow students, Veer Vohra has poured his heart and talent into creating the most effective and brilliant app that helps them, you and everyone overcome stress and improve our well-being through the use of the three most effective tools!

In this episode they dive deep into MiZen. They talk about what inspired Veer to create the app, the purpose and benefits it has, the challenges he had when creating it, and what is his idea for MiZen in the future.

Through Veer’s experience and app you will learn how to overcome challenges and stress to reach your own goals and success, get the hang of engaging in social behaviour and master the tool which can combat the negative effects of dealing with technology and building relationships with friends.

Furthermore they talk in detail about the application’s three pillars, which help you accelerate the process to have a healthier mind and reach success and about Veer’s amazing experience of friendship at Mindvalley University, a program designed to teach you and your family real-world life skills that today’s education system ignores, and guide you in living a truly extraordinary life.

In this chapter of Inspired Evolution you will have access to MiZen and its well-being methods to reach success and live a happy, peaceful and healthy life!

If you would like to download MiZen on the App Store, please go to: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mizen/id1499874514

If you would like to get MiZen on Google Play, please go to: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mandeepvohra.zen

“We believe our solution will accelerate the progress towards a healthier mind, towards a healthier future”

About Veer Vohra

Veer Vohra, the founder and developer of MiZen, is a 17 year old student in Dubai College. He’s in his last year of school and is passionate about math and physics.

A self-taught programmer, Veer developed MiZen using Flutter in December of 2019 and has produced a YouTube course to go with it.

Veer is also an avid photographer, drummer, and cricketer.

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Tune In: 

Welcome Veer Vohra to the Inspired Evolution!: (00:00)

The backstory of MiZen App: (00:57)

MiZen is based and inspired by Veer’s experience at MindValley University in Estonia during the summer of 2019 and on the stress his friends would struggle with during exams. Dive in and discover the three elementals this app uses to address stress.

“I was exposed to self growth tools and self improvement advice”

Resistance in the process of creating the application: (02:39)

Imagine the competition a 17 year old developer has in this world! Yet this young boy went ahead, overcame the greatest challenges ever and became a young entrepreneur. He created a useful tool that can help everyone achieve a peaceful and healthier state of mind!

“Overcoming challenges is all for the better”

Picking meditation, mindfulness and gratitude: (04:14)

The experience picked up at Mindvalley was not only useful in overcoming stress. Cave into the episode and find out what else it is useful for!

“In Mindvalley I experienced the benefits of mindfulness, meditation and gratitude”

How does gratitude help Veer open up to friends?: (05:52)

In this episode you will discover the power of gratitude. Dive into the conversation in which they reveal all the benefits of being grateful!

“When you are grateful you are more likely to engage in prosocial behaviour”

About Veer using his own app: (08:55)

Discover one of the main features this app has so you can use it on a daily basis.

“Using the app became a ritual and it is something I do on a daily basis”

Veer’s vision of his future: (13:33)

A young boy with a clear goal of mind talks about what he is going to study at university and the progression of MiZen.

“I would love to keep up with an accessible app”

Favourite takeaway that made Mindvalley so amazing: (21:05)

Uncover the importance of being inclusive and the positive effects it has on kids from all around the world who study together in the same educational institution.

“Mindvalley is a place that makes it easy to make connections”

Creating on Youtube for MiZen?: (29:36)

Have a peak in Veer’s youtube to find the course which goes with MiZen

“I would love to keep up with an accessible app”

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