Achieve Your Goals Using Vivid Visions with Cameron Herold

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Replace vivid statements with vivid visions! In this episode Cameron and Amrit talk about Vivid Vision, the importance of having a vivid vision for your business as well as for your personal life and how to create one overcoming blocks and resistance.

Cameron earned his reputation as The CEO Whisperer by guiding his CEO & COO clients to double their profit and revenue in three years or less. He is a top rated international speaker, lecturer, top business consultant, business growth guru and best-selling author of 5 books including his recent one Vivid Vision. GET IT HERE: https://amz.run/56XC

He is the founder of COO Alliance & Second In Command Podcast.

Several years ago Cameron and a friend, each with their own business, were introduced to a new concept of how athletes use visualization to see themselves perform in future events. This was a concept that could also be applied to their businesses.

After three years of success, Cameron was asked to work as the COO in his friend’s company 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Applying this same concept and in only six years, he engineered it’s growth from $2 million to $106 million in revenue.

Not wanting to run companies anymore, Cameron began journaling to identify what filled him the most. He created a life doing what he loves most, helping owners, CEO’s and senior managers create inspirational, detailed, and actionable three-year mission statements to grow their companies.

Working on what you love, makes you work harder, have more success, and gets the flywheel effect happening faster.

A Vivid Vision is a three page document that describes what a company’s highest-ranking executive envisions for that company in vivid detail. It describes what the future holds for the company but not how it’ll get there.

Hiring people who are aligned with your vision is key. If they are excited about what you’re building, you can flip that organization chart upside down and put the CEO at the bottom supporting the VP, then the managers, and then employees. But having a skill set is important too, people need to have the skill set of what you need them to do.

Sharing your vision is one of the best ways to ensure it comes true. When you share it, others align to it and can find a way to help build it. To craft a vision you need to trust the process. Remind people this vision is not what you look like today, it is what you will look like in three years. Over time every sentence is going to come true and you will build it from the foundation up. They feel excited and your confidence grows.

If you feel blocked when crafting your vivid vision, you need to be creative, get out of your office and go somewhere where you can relax and be inspired to write down with clarity what you want. Don’t think about how it will come true because that is what blocks you. Your job is to visualize exactly what you want, so others can figure out how to create it.

Your vivid vision is like the picture on the front of the box of what you are building and then the four corners are your core purpose, your BHAG, your core values and your plan to make the vision come true.

Creating a vivid vision for your personal life takes the same process. Herold believes in the concept of couples being on the same page. A couple that share their visions, go through all of their bullet points and debate on what they agree and get rid of what they don’t, end up with a shared list of these bullet points that they could write up into their own family vivid vision.

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  • Welcome Cameron Herold to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • Teaching vision & the importance of it: (03:23)
  • Sharing vision, allowing people to align to that & skill sets:(06:32)
  • Blocks when trying to create a vision: (10:51)
  • A three year time horizon for a vision:(15:11)
  • Having a vivid vision for areas in business we don’t know about: (16:36)
  • Sharing vision & and the resistance of sharing it: (18:17)
  • Vivid vision can only be created by a particular person and not a collective: (23:00)
  • Vision as a connection between the “why” and the “what”: (24:44)
  • Vivid vision for our personal life & its process: (26:35)
  • What happens if you don’t hit certain parts of your vision: (29:02)
  • Crafting an authentic vision in an age of distraction: (30:16)
  • Working on what you love: (35:04)
  • Inspired evolution by Cameron: (41:08)

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