Healthy Thinking and Behaving Healthy: Living with Sense with Edwin Konjin

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In this episode of Inspired Evolution, we welcome the Inspiring Edwin Konjin… founder of Living with Sense, AHA Structured Water, Celebrated Health Coach, Flow State (Life) Coach, NLP practitioner and most inspiringly one of the deepest self-driven researchers of health and life. Edwin share’s his philosophies on “thinking healthy” and how that results in Living with Sense (living through our senses and innate (wisdom) feedback). On the topic of healthy thoughts, we discuss living congruently with our thoughts and the resultant, subsequent, consequent “Flow States” that enrich life.

So how is this related to diet? Tune in and find out as we discuss Plant Based Wholefoods and Structured Water in the pursuit of understanding health and diet.

We pick apart how our thoughts and our diet are predominantly a result of our upbringing, our belief systems, our values. All of which we don’t often question and perhaps even if we do, we end up delusional. Simply put, our interaction with food and hydration is the most accessible window of opportunity to access our understanding towards our personal relationship with life. We can reflect on our diet to reflect of life and better learn to understand where our attention goes.

Gratefully, Edwin has had some very very real and deep conversations with himself about both health and life and in this Inspired Evolution conversation, we get to reap the benefits as Edwin share his nuggets of wisdom and insight with us.

We discuss the importance of health; not just for our perception of our-self but more importantly our relationship with our-self and our relationship with our-life. Far from conventional: We explore how incredible health is formed in alignment with natural ways of eating and fasting and coming into alignment with nature.

This conversation is extremely valuable it shows you the importance of health and how simple it can really be to upgrade your wellbeing. Edwin’s story is one that reflects that everyone has deep innate wisdom waiting inside themselves to be explored and accessed to improve their relationship with themselves and their life. In this conversation, we discuss Edwin Konjin’s habits, hacks, philosophies, and tools that have formed the threads of his success, happiness, health, and wealth. This is a story about getting totally conscious about your thinking and your diet and therefore of life. All this so that you can go out there and embrace life and allow life to embrace you –  the amazing be-ing you really are!

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