Emmanuel Anthony on Advancing Human Conscious Evolution in 7 Key Areas of Life

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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Emmanuel Anthony, a human behavioural specialist, inspirational speaker, researcher, writer, teacher and consultant. He is the founder of The Emmanuel Anthony Institute and Quantum Equilibrium, a research, empowerment and education institute dedicated to advanced human potential and conscious awareness.

Emmanuel and Amrit dive deep on how to master the seven areas of your life which Emmanuel coaches on: Mental, Physical, Financial, Familial, Social, Spiritual, Vocational and Financial Mastery by maximising your potential and evolving your conscious awareness.

They talk about the importance of finding a balance between showing up too much and not showing up enough, the beginning of Inspired Evolution and the desire of wanting the most of every moment in every conversation, breaking down in order to breakthrough and discover our potential, and about the process of breaking down life into areas.

As life coaches, they share their perspectives towards aiding and serving their clients. Additionally, you will come across Emmanuel’s inspired mission and how he builds this journey, and how much of his inspiration is sourced by helping others. 

Furthermore, you will discover the importance of digging in and discovering your own values, learn how to live in alignment with your values, learn how to avoid accumulating emotional baggage and move past common social problems, break through your challenges and hone the tools that can take you to an entirely new level.

If you need a mentor to guide you in corporate, personal development, relationships, anxiety or grief, please book your 20 minute discovery call with Emmanuel Anthony here: https://calendly.com/quantumequilibrium/qe20mindiscoverycall 

If you would like to listen to Dr. Demartini’s talk about Self Mastery: The secret of Balance vs. Growth on Inspired Evolution, please go to: https://inspiredevolution.com/dr-john-demartini-on-self-mastery-the-secret-of-balance-vs-growth/ 

About Emmanuel Anthony:

Emmanuel Anthony is a human behavioural specialist, inspirational speaker, researcher, writer, teacher and consultant. He has served thousands of clients for the past decade1-on-1 and 1-on-many to create powerful changes in all areas.

As the managing director of Quantum Equilibrium, Emmanuel provides great knowledge and effective tools for humanity to truly empower themselves and others. He teaches tools, skills and resources to control your mind, states, emotions and achieve a mindset of wealth and well-being in all seven areas of life (Mental, Physical, Financial, Familial, Social, Spiritual, Vocational and Financial Mastery).

Emmanuel has spent hundreds of hours perfecting the art of communicating, healing, advanced educational platforms, teaching and creating powerful systems that shift paradigms in human potential and awareness. 

He has assisted hundreds of clients personally move past common social problems and move towards more authentic and purpose driven lives.

His personal mission is to inspire, empower and educate humanity globally to awaken their inner genius and live fulfilling lives daily as true masters of their destiny. 

“By the end of my life I am going to serve a million human beings and help them create the changes that they deserve”

Tune In: 

Welcome Emmanuel Anthony to the Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)

Living lives trying to capture everything: (00:02:26)

Dive in and discover the importance of finding a balance when trying to live a life capturing every single moment.

Discerning a balance between the fine line of showing up too much and not showing up enough: (00:06:14)

Emmanuel comes to a balance from different standpoints. He refers to Dr. Demartini’s feedback method, and symptomatology as feedback. Cave into this episode and discover the importance of understanding the world and the universe as a duality.

“The more we appreciate ourselves, the more we can share those aspects” 

Breakthrough in terms of pain and potential: (00:09:48)

Creating opportunities for people to move past problems and make changes in their lives. Systems and methods to workout breakdowns towards breakthroughs.

“Whoever is experiencing the trauma doesn’t see the terrific”

Life coaches aiding clients: (00:13:48)

A raw and real conversation about how to serve clients. Amrit thinks coaches have an objective advantage standpoint because they are not in the client’s narrative: “I am not amazing, I am just like you, the only difference is I am out here and you are in there, that is all there is”. Come across what Emmanuel has to say.

“Own it 100% and play on the same level as me in your value system ”

How much of Emmanuel’s inspiration is sourced by helping others?: (00:17:13)

The origins of his journey started by working on himself. After a breakdown followed by a breakthrough and a value determination, he was determined to forever help other people create changes they deserve. 

“Get congruent about what your values are”

About Emmanuel’s journey built “bit by bit”: (00:27:29)

Talking about the importance of one step at a time.

Process of breaking down life into areas: (00:39:43)

All about life mastery. A conversation around the importance of being dynamic and staying open when setting goals and replacing values.

“If I understand which my values are, I can set goals I can grow with”

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