Robert Raymond Riopel’s Clues to Success

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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Robert Raymond Riopel, an international author, app designer, entrepreneur and transformational trainer. Robert is the creator of his own app AmentorA Inc. and the best-selling author of “Success Left A Clue: 6 ultimate steps to success”. Get a free copy of the ebook here: https://inspiredevolution.com/recommends/robert-raymond-riopel/

Success is defined as the status of having achieved and accomplished an aim or goal, many times, limited to one area of life.

According to Robert it is much more than that. True success is not meant to be limited to one area of life while leaving other areas failing or suffering. True success is holistic; meaning every area of life is harmonious with the values of all other aspects of life; there must be a balance between mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial. When you find that balance for yourself and live wealthwise you can accomplish so many more things. It is all about adjusting and correcting all the time.

Robert strongly believes that success must be about achieving goals with fun and passion, making this world a better place for everyone and making an impact in people’s lives knowing that money comes in as a side effect.

Amrit and Robert dive deep into Robert’s life’s crazy journey towards success.

Robert began his career as a pizza delivery driver suffering in debt before realizing that he was capable of so much more. He then set off on a journey that not only resulted in financial stability, but also in his becoming a sought-after wealth coach and trainer. He was able to go from being over $150,000 in debt to financially free at the age of 32 doing what he most loves. He travels the world learning, training and transforming the lives of thousands and thousands of people. His passion is to inspire people into tapping into their greatness.

Robert learned many lessons along the way, lessons that changed his life. He shares now those powerful steps that open individuals up to the possibilities that lie within them, and guides them in identifying their purpose and living it with passion.

They talk about the importance of turning your success into a beautiful perpetual cycle and looking at the long picture starting by taking one step at a time towards your goal. Robert refers to six steps towards success: dreaming big, finding a mentor, taking action, celebrating success and believing in yourself, and number six about repeating the first five. Then it is about doing it again and again to keep on elevating your success. 

Furthermore, Amrit and Robert dive deep into the importance of innovating beyond the box and having the control over your own success steering wheel. It is about trusting who you are and finding your own purpose. As Robert would say,”There isn’t only one way to pay your bills”

Last, but not least, they converse about the importance of embracing who you are to become the most authentic version of yourself and how important it is to have fun when working towards success. It reduces stress and energizes people.

In this chapter of Inspired Evolution you will learn how to make your dreams turn into reality keeping it real, relevant and repeatable. You will have access to effective tips when searching for a mentor, discover how important it is to turn failure into feedback and how important it is to be present in every single moment of what you do.  

“Reinvent the wheel of success when the clues to success are all around you”

“I believe if you can help one person, just one, it will make it all worthwhile”

About Robert Raymond Riopel:

Robert Raymond Riopel is an international Best-Selling author, App Designer, Entrepreneur and Trainer who has spent the past 18+ years travelling around the world sharing his passion. He has also shared the stage and trained with many of the top trainers and presenters in the world today.

With his high energy and heartfelt style, Robert draws on his journey from humble beginnings to financial freedom at the age of 32, to inspire individuals into tapping into their greatness. Realizing that he is not the only person that struggles, Robert’s “Clues” open individuals up to the possibilities that lie within them and that is why he is a highly sought after presenter.

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The fear of being normal:(00:02:16)

Creating life from 5 to 9: (00:15:15)

Mental issues associated with a world driving towards normality :(00:20:14)

Success according to Robert:(00:26:52)

About never failing and feedback:(00:33:21)

The importance of being you and authenticity:(00:35:42)

Why can’t success be fun?:(00:45:02)

About the six steps to success:(00:49:52)

Advice on finding a mentor:(00:57:44)

Doing whatever it takes to learn:(01:06:47)

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